Kerala HC Questions Use of School Children in LDF programme, Stresses Ethical Concerns
Kerala HC Questions Use of School Children in LDF programme, Stresses Ethical Concerns

The Kerala High Court has raised concerns regarding the utilization of school children in a program conducted by the LDF (Left Democratic Front), cautioning against the potential exploitation of minors for political interests.

Justice Ramachandran of the Kerala High Court questioned the practice of showcasing school children on the streets as a form of cheerleading for political figures, particularly the Chief Minister and ministers, during political events. He highlighted the possible political motives behind such displays and stressed the disparity between engaging school children in a program and parading them on the streets for mere spectacle.

During the proceedings, the Additional Advocate General argued that the petitioner held political motives. However, Justice Ramachandran countered this argument by emphasizing the political implications of parading school children on the streets. The court sought clarification on the true intentions behind the public exhibition of school children in this manner.

Expressing deep concern, Justice Ramachandran pointed out that some actions were more ostentatious than their intentions. He underscored the difference between inviting children to attend an event and listen to speeches versus parading them on the roads for entertainment purposes.

The petitioner highlighted that despite the government's assurance of withdrawing the order issued by the Malappuram Deputy Director of Education on November 20, children were once again paraded during the Nava Kerala Sadas. The government claimed to have issued a memorandum to the concerned Head Teacher in response to the issue.

In response to this, the court raised queries as to why no action had been taken against the Deputy Director who initially issued the order. Emphasizing the need to prevent such incidents from recurring, the court urged authorities to be cautious when involving school children in political events.

The Kerala High Court's intervention serves as a stark reminder of the ethical considerations surrounding the participation of minors in political programs and events. The court's stance highlights the significance of prioritizing the well-being and rights of school children over any potential political motivations.

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