Khukumoni Home Delivery update: Khukumoni faces another problem
Khukumoni Home Delivery update: Khukumoni faces another problem

In the most recent episode of Khukumoni Home Delivery, Khukumoni takes a bold step and invites Bihan to eat with the rest of the family. She allows Bihan to eat on his own. Bihan is hesitant at first, but he eventually eats. Bihan, who is overjoyed, plans to feed Nipa, but the latter becomes angry and smacks him. Khukumoni becomes enraged and gives a dire threat to Nipa. Instead, she pushes Bihan to feed his dad.

Bhisma feels emotional and fiercely hugs Bihan after he feeds his dad. Basudha is ecstatic as well. However, Nipa, Palash, and Shree get angry. Khukumoni isn't afraid of anything. When Nipa tries to humiliate her, Khukumoni declares that she will do her tasks and would never allow Bihan to be humiliated by anybody. She enthusiastically discusses her home delivery business and how well it is doing. Khukumoni emphasises that she would not halt her home delivery service and will instead be accused of taking advantage of the Deb parents money.

In the meantime, Shree, Palash, and Nipa plan a strategy for giving Khukumoni a lesson. Palash believes that the local goon who wanted to marry Khukumoni might be able to assist them. He wants Khukumoni kidnapped by the goon. Khukumoni's maternal uncle and aunts are introduced to Nipa and Kirti. Nipa finally makes a deal with them.

Khukumoni returns to her office, where she does her business. Her Mama and Boromami, on the other hand, have severe reservations. They refuse to allow her to work or return to Deb's home. Khukumoni's Boromami misbehaves with her when she resists. Khukumoni finds a gold earring in her aunt's possession and supposes that she has been bribed.

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