Know this important rule before flying the drone, otherwise there will be a fine of lakhs
Know this important rule before flying the drone, otherwise there will be a fine of lakhs

Unmanned Aircraft Sytems (UAS) means drones are not new to India. They are being used from shooting videos at weddings to making social media reels. The government has made many rules for flying drones. A separate portal has also been issued for this. On this you will get information from license to route to fly drone. There is a provision of fine up to Rs 1 lakh for violation of Drone Rules 2021. Now the question comes that then the drones used in weddings are flown under the rules? Do you need permission before using this type of drone? Today we will give you the answer of these questions here.

In India, drones are divided into 5 categories. Drones weighing less than 250 grams are called Nano. On the other hand, drones weighing up to 2 kg and above have been classified as micro, drones weighing 2 to 25 kg are small, drones weighing 25 to 150 kg are medium drones and those above 150 kg have been categorized as large drones. You do not need permission for all types of drones. If you use Nano or Micro class drones, you do not need any kind of permission for this. Yes, for this above category you need UNI means Unique Identification Number.

Because the drones used in weddings and for making normal videos weigh less than 2 kg. As such, no permission is required for them. At the same time, some rules are necessary regarding flying drones. Like where you can fly the drone and to what height you can fly the drone. You will get information about all these on the Digital Sky website. Here is an aerial map for flying drones, in which you will get information about green, yellow and red zones. Violation of Drone Rules 2021 can attract a fine of up to Rs 1 lakh.

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