Know what is hypertension ... and why this day is celebrated

World Hypertension Day is celebrated every year on 17th May to spread awareness about hypertension. On this day people are also being made aware of hypertension. Hypertension can happen to people of any age. World Hypertension Day or World Hypertension Day is being celebrated on 17 May with the aim of increasing awareness among the common people around the world about 'World Hypertension Day' i.e. 'Silent Killer'.

Hypertension - The risk of high blood pressure or hypertension is more in men than in women. There can be different reasons for this like- family history, stress, wrong eating and lifestyle etc. But to avoid this, there is a need to pay attention not only to diet and lifestyle, but to reduce stress and to keep the body active, exercise is also very important. Nowadays people between the ages of 18 and 50 are more prone to hypertension. Although the risk of high blood pressure is higher in men before the age of 60, but after the age of both men and women, the risk of the risk becomes equal. In everyday life, we have to be 2-4 with all kinds of sweet and bitter things. It is natural to get angry in such a situation. But if anger takes the form of addiction, then it is necessary to consider it. Getting angry over talk has an adverse effect on our health. It has been seen that people who do not get angry, they are less sick.

Anger is also a type of emotion. But when this feeling is turning into behavior and habit, it has a serious impact on you as well as others. Along with this, it is important to recognize the right reason for your anger and control them. Usually we have questions in our mind that how do we get rid of it. But before that it is necessary to know that why get rid of anger. A person who is more prone to anger, is found to see complaints of blood pressure, hypertension, severe back pain. Along with this, such people may also have stomach complaints. It is also called interrelationship between a person's feelings (thinking), thoughts and habits. Thoughts affect thinking and thinking changes habits. If we consider the other aspect, then your habits also bring changes in thoughts and then thoughts also bring changes in feelings. If there is a change in any one of these three, a big change is to be seen. For this you should do regular exercise. This can prevent the occurrence of diseases. Apart from this, people who smoke or drink alcohol. All those people should avoid such intoxicants.

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