Know which scooter is the most harmful
Know which scooter is the most harmful

If you are thinking of buying a scooter but are confused about whether to buy an electric scooter or whether a petrol scooter is going to be better, then today we are going to remove your confusion about some of the advantages of both types of scooters and We are going to tell about the disadvantages, which can make it easier for you to take your decision.

Price: Generally electric scooters are more expensive than petrol scooters but at present the cost has come down due to subsidies. Many governments are also providing subsidies on electric vehicles, due to this, currently buying electric scooters is not as expensive as they are without subsidies. At the same time, no such subsidy is being provided on petrol scooters.

Maintenance: The maintenance cost of Electric Scooter is less because the parts in Electric Scooter are reduced. However, the long term also needs attention as a petrol scooter can last for many years whereas the battery life of an electric scooter can be limited to maybe 4 years. However, after that a new battery can be installed, but it is going to be an expensive task.

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