Krishna used to give free coconut water to the viewers of 'The Kashmir Files', fundamentalists started giving threats

Chandigarh: In Faridabad, Haryana, a young man named Krishna is receiving constant threats over the phone for the film 'The Kashmir Files'. Actually, Krishna sells coconut water in Faridabad's Sector 2 market. In the case of the threatening call, now many organizations have come out in support of Krishna. However, on receiving the complaint, the police have started the investigation by registering an FIR in this matter.

Actually, a few days ago, Krishna, who sold coconut water, had announced that whoever comes after watching the movie 'The Kashmir Files' and shows the movie ticket, he will give coconut water for free. This process of free coconut water was going on for the last several days, due to which a video of Krishna is going viral on social media. But now he is getting threats. He is getting constant threats on the phone regarding this initiative of Krishna to provide coconut water for free. When some organizations got information about receiving threats, they came out in support of Krishna. He has spoken of helping Krishna in every way. The people of the area were also seen standing with Krishna.

After receiving threats, Krishna, who sells coconut water, has clearly said that he is not afraid of any threat and will continue to give coconut water for free as long as he wants. Anil Baba, a lawyer who came in support of Krishna, said that he is with Krishna and now an FIR has also been registered on the complaint, on which the police is taking action. A complaint has been made to the police in this matter. Acting on which the police registered an FIR and started an investigation.

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