Kuche7 donates 500 saplings as part of its environmental commitment

Solapur, Maharashtra, September 23: Prominent kitchen brand Kuche7’s team visited Solapur, Maharashtra, to plant 500 mango saplings as part of their environment conservation initiative titled ‘Planting a better future.’ They arranged for a tree plantation drive in Solapur, Maharashtra. The company announced this initiative on its social media handles a couple of days ago.

“We believe that it is our social responsibility to take action for the environment and plant as many saplings as possible to ensure a greener tomorrow," said Mr. NaeemChauhan, Managing Director of Kuche7.

Kuche7 team traveled to the land of Kundlik Ram Kumbhar, a farmer in Solapur, to plant the saplings. The local farmers have struggled to get the raw materials for good produce.

“We were already enduring massive financial problems. The pandemic pushed us further back. We are thankful to the Kuche7 team. They have given us enough saplings to plant on our land,” said Kundlik Ram Kumbhar, the local farmer. He also lauded the team for the timely delivery of the saplings.

“At Kuche7 we have always been positive about conserving the environment and saving crucial resources for future generations. Which is why we have set out to do this immediately after the 75th Independence day celebrations,” said Krupali, a member of the Kuche7 design team.

15 members of the Kuche7 team traveled from Mumbai to Solapur for the tree plantation drive. Environment experts from SankalpTaru guided them. They spread around the plot in pairs to plant mango saplings.

“With the required maintenance and favourable climate, mango saplings will grow into fruit-bearing trees in five to eight years,” said Mr. Kumbhar.

Mr. NaeemChauhan hopes that this drive will also benefit the local farmers. “They (farmers) play a crucial role in sustaining the country's economy by producing and distributing edibles. At the same time, they also suffer ecological and economic consequences," he said.

Kuche7 promotes sustainable development and healthy living through its brand. On their official page, Kuche7 highlighted that their products are 100% eco-friendly. The company endorses stainless steel as a raw material because of its various advantages: durability, water-proof, fire-resistant, termite-resistant, and hygienic nature.

"We already save 3 trees with every stainless steel kitchen manufactured. Furthermore, the team is working on more ideas for environmental conservation. It is a passion for the team. Every member who participated in this tree plantation drive is enthusiastic," said Rohit Singh, Head of the Kuche7 marketing team.

"Kuche7 always believed in sustainable development. Our research and development team kept that in mind while developing different ideas and designs,” said Mr. Chauhan.

Kuche7 is recognized as India's most distinguished stainless steel modular kitchen brand. The company makes designs for apartments and homes across the country with the help of grade 304 stainless steel and other eco-friendly raw materials.

About Kuche7

Kuche7 is one of the few companies in India to pioneer the concept of modern Stainless Steel Interior Solutions.

The company designs and manufactures modular kitchens, wardrobes, and vanity spaces customized per the client's vision, backed by research and the latest technology.

Eldrok recognized Kuche7's tremendous work as the 'Most Innovative Modular Kitchen Brand 2022' at the Eldrok India Architecture Summit in Mumbai.

Kuche7's clients have lauded the brand for its innovative usage of stainless steel to make different products, quick delivery, and eco-friendliness. "Apart from the low-maintenance, tough stainless steel, What I loved about Kuche7 is the details inside the cabinets. They were fascinating," said Mr. AvinashGowariker, Celebrity Photographer and a client of Kuche7.

Mr. AnirudhShetty, Owner of Hotel Archana, lauded Kuche7 for assembling the kitchen within the time frame and for durability.

Kuche7 has experience centres in places like Fort and Andheri in Mumbai, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Pune, Rajkot, Raipur, Surat, Vadodara, and Dubai. People can book a visit to any of the nearby showrooms to experience the products.

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