Landslides hits China, around 26 missing
Landslides hits China, around 26 missing

Beijing: In a tragic incident, two landslides hits east China’s Zhejiang Province as Typhon Megi ruined mess forced relocation of over 3.15 lakh people. The disaster killed three people and twenty six civilians are still missing with the rescue of fifteen people.

Typhoon Megi brought landslides to Sucun Village, Suichang County on Wednesday. The second landslide hit Baofeng which destroyed numerous homes and six people are missing. The rescue operation is underway.

Temporarily, around 315,000 inhabitants have been relocated in Zheiang Province. Typhoon Megi resulted in two landslides which caused huge economic loss to the province. According to the county official Zhou Ruichen,

"Roughly 400,000 cubic meters of debris slid down the mountains and buried 20 houses. Seventeen other homes were flooded. A township official who went to help villagers is among the missing".

Disaster, shattered many houses in the village and several people have been relocated to safer places. 

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