Lavna Locks leading the country towards a technology driven lifestyle

Despite the fact that smart home goods are slightly more expensive than their traditional counterparts, the industry is growing. According to Statista, the smart home industry in India is expected to develop rapidly and reach $9 billion by 2023, up from $3 billion in 2020. By 2025, this figure is expected to reach $53.45 billion globally. This means that India will have the third-highest number of smart houses in the world in a few years. One major cause behind this technological transformation in lifestyle is the home based brands like Lavna Digital Locks which has been offering exceptional service for the past three years. It's a place where one can find the smart lock industry's most cutting-edge security solutions.

This smart lock will allow you to lock and unlock your door from anywhere, as well as grant digital "keys" to friends, family, caregivers, or anybody else who accesses your home on a regular basis. To introduce innovation to the business, Lavna Locks has set a target of opening about 80 virtual offices in the future. The company also claims to be releasing a new lock with an integrated video doorbell that has a 97 per cent face recognition unlocking success rate. While traditional door locks may suffice in some situations, the ability to remotely control and manage your home security provides peace of mind.

Locks are used on nearly everything nowadays, from your front door to your smartphone, to ensure privacy and secure access. This demonstrates how, through time, we as a society have evolved to value privacy and safety more and more. Choosing the correct type of door lock is more vital than ever which is why the builders are themselves adopting these smart locks in the newly constructed buildings. The reason being that these smart locks hold an upper hand over the "conventional" locks. Most people aren't familiar with the word "conventional" or traditional locks as it is simply referred as "locks," which means the typical non-automated door lock that must be manually engaged. Designed to ensure privacy and secure the access of the users, smart locks are much more credible and the team of Lavna Locks is persistently working to embed the same in  every possible household.

The Lavna Smart Locks app is presently available on Google Play, and the brand plans to release an iOS version in the first week of June. The application is simple to use and new users can pick it up quickly. Talking about the constant advancement in the tech-relied lifestyle, the founder of the brand stated, “The digitally native millennials are more interested in smart houses. Affordable cell phones, low-cost data, and lower hardware costs have prompted a wider range of individuals to consider smart home options. Smart homes, which are equipped with linked devices connected to the house WiFi are becoming increasingly popular among modern customers. These often work with AI-enabled software that tracks a user's behaviours and usage patterns in order to provide a customised experience and automate processes.”

Going further in the conversation, he added, “Consumers are becoming more eager to adopt the connected home ecosystem as they grasp the benefits of cost savings through energy efficiency, home monitoring capabilities from remote locations, better comfort and convenience, and a premium feel for their houses. Smart, connected, and energy-efficient home appliances or devices are preferred by consumers. They want smart items to enhance their lifestyle, but they desire a lower total cost of ownership.”

The Lavna Locks smart door lock, which is one of the Amazon selections, has a basic, effective design and is employed by builders throughout the building. It can be used on both wooden and metal doors. This smart door lock has fingerprint unlock, RFID card, PIN or passwords, and a standard physical key. Aside from that, it supports OTP-based authentication, which is useful when you have people waiting at the door. Smart locks will make your home safer while also increasing your control and efficiency. These smart home technologies let you unlock doors using an app on your phone from anywhere, and they can even open when you approach your front door.

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