Missing lawyer dies in Pune, three accused in police custody

Oct 20 2020 11:09 AM
Missing lawyer dies in Pune, three accused in police custody

Pune: There is big news from Pune in Maharashtra which is showing increasing cases of crime. Here a lawyer is allegedly kidnapped and then murdered. However, in this case, the Pune police commissioner said, "An FIR has filed 19 days ago for the disappearance of 32-year-old lawyer Umesh Chandrasekhar More." It is being told that in this case, the lawyer's wife had filed a report of disappearance at Sahakar Nagar Police Station.

Umesh's bike was found parked near the Pune court gate on October 2 morning and a truck driver was detained based on the lawyer's mobile location, but the driver confessed that mobile was found in a truck. At first glance, it appears that the person has died and the accused tried to burn his dead body to remove the evidence. In this case, the police has arrested three people and kept him in police custody for four days.

It is being told that the lawyer has been abducted and killed by the accused and then dumped his body in the bushes 70 km from the city. To remove evidence in this case after killing, the accused also burnt the body and threw his mobile in a truck. 19 days after this incident, the police have taken the accused into custody, now they will be kept on police remand for four days. Police say the lawyer was killed over a land dispute.

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