Rahul Gandhi lashes out at center, tweets
Rahul Gandhi lashes out at center, tweets "Learn from them how to ruin the economy"

New Delhi: Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi has attacked the Modi government over the country's steep economy and the growing Corona cases. Rahul has made a tweet comparing several Asian countries including India and its neighboring countries. He shared on Twitter a graph comparing the GDP growth rate in 2020 and the number of people who died of corona per 1 million population.

Rahul Gandhi has compared India's situation with other countries. In this graph, India's GDP has fallen more than the rest of the countries, and people have died more due to corona per 1 lakh population of the country. Rahul Gandhi wrote on Twitter that "How to completely destroy the economy and infect the maximum number of people rapidly". Through this tweet, Rahul Gandhi states that Bangladesh's GDP growth is the best. China's GDP growth is 1.9 percent, Nepal's 0 percent, Pakistan's -0.4 percent, Sri Lanka's -4.6 percent and Afghanistan's -5.0 percent. If we talk about India then its GDP growth is -10.3 percent.

India also failed to curb growing corona cases. There are 83 deaths due to corona per 10 lakh population. On the other hand, this figure is 34 in Bangladesh, 3 in China, 25 in Nepal, 30 in Pakistan, 0.6 in Sri Lanka and 38 lives per 10 lakh population in Afghanistan.

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