LetMeSpy to wind up soon after great server data contravention
LetMeSpy to wind up soon after great server data contravention

New Delhi:- LetMeSpy, a spyware company based in Poland, has announced that it will close down following a cyberattack in June. The attack resulted in the loss of all data stored on their servers, which included a large amount of information stolen from the phones of many victims.

LetMeSpy announced on its website, in English and Polish, that their spyware service will be shut down permanently. They will stop operating by the end of August. The notice said that LetMeSpy is stopping people from logging in or making new accounts.

A different message on LetMeSpy's old login page, which doesn't work anymore, confirmed previous reports that the hacker who invaded the spyware system also erased the information on its computers.

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The attack on the LetMeSpy website involved someone who wasn't allowed to access it. They went into the website's database, took data from it, and erased some data as well. The app made by LetMeSpy no longer works. TechCrunch found out that the app is not working anymore, and LetMeSpy's website no longer offers the app for download.

LetMeSpy was a secret app for Android phones meant to be hard to find and delete. When installed on someone's phone, often by someone who knows their phone code, apps like LetMeSpy always take that person's messages, call records, and current location information.

A group called DDoSecrets, which collects and analyzes leaked information, got a copy of a database. They shared this database with TechCrunch for examination. The information showed that LetMeSpy, until recently, had been used to take data from over 13,000 hacked Android devices all over the world. However, LetMeSpy's website had stated before the breach that it had control over more than 236,000 devices.

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The database also had details that show the spyware was created by a tech company in Krakow called Radeal. The CEO of Radeal, Rafal Lidwin, didn't provide any comment when asked.

LetMeSpy, a spyware program, has closed down recently because of a security incident. This incident not only exposed the data of the people being spied on, but it also revealed the identities of the people behind LetMeSpy.

Spytrac is a type of software that spies on people. It has information about over a million users stored in its system. The company behind Spytrac, called Support King, was forbidden from the spying industry by the government in 2021 because they didn't protect data stolen from their previous spying app, called SpyFone.

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LetMeSpy lost a lot of data from their server. They are shutting down the service because they got hacked and their security got compromised.

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