Lockdown: Little girl walked for 100 kms, died before reaching home
Lockdown: Little girl walked for 100 kms, died before reaching home

India is in lockdown due to coronavirus. The labourers want to return home by any means because the lockdown has taken away their livelihood. They are trying to return to their village home so that they can get food. A 12-year-old girl from Perur village in Telangana walked on foot to her village Aded (Chhattisgarh). On the way, her health deteriorated, but still, she travelled about 100 kilometres on foot for three days, but could not reach her home.

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She died just 14 kilometres away from her house. There were 11 other people in the village with her. Due to coming through the forest, she could not get any treatment. People told that the baby girl was having a stomachache.

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Jamlo Madakam, who lives in Aded village of Bijapur, went to Perur village in Telangana two months ago in search of employment. There she got the job, but the work stopped in lockdown. Some days, she somehow arranged for food and drink there, but when the food crisis started to arise due to increasing lockdown, on 16th April, Jamlo and 11 other people of the village left from Telangana on foot for Bijapur. She died on 18 April near Bhandarpal village in Modakpal area.

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