Loss of 150 to 300 trillion dollars suffered for not educating girls: World Bank

The cost of keeping girls away from education is faced by the whole world and not just two families. While issuing a report on the occasion of 'United Nations Malala Day', the World Bank said that by obstructing girls' education, the global economy is facing a loss of 150 to 300 trillion dollars.

In a report titled 'Missed Opportunities: The High Cost of Not Educating Girls', the World Bank said that less than two-thirds of the girls in the lower income group can complete their primary education. Only one out of three girls can complete secondary education. Many adult women today are losing around 150 to 300 trillion dollars in human capital funds due to the non-availability of universal secondary education in puberty. On average, the chance of earning money by working in secondary education is almost twice as unemployed. 
They said that when 13 million girls do not become engineers, journalists or CEOs in the absence of education, then our world has to suffer a loss of trillions of dollars. If this happens then the global economy, public health and stability cannot be strengthened. 
This report was given in concern with the Malala day which is celebrated every year on 12 July.
On 9 October 2012, the Taliban shot a girl Malala in the head as she was campaigning for girls’ right to education even after death threats from the Taliban. It has been 4 since UN officially declared 12 July as ‘Malala Day’ still the majority of people do not have much knowledge about this day.
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