Lucky Ali is alone even after 3 marriages, Son Of This Famous Comedian

Today is the birthday of writer, musician and singer Lucky Ali. Lucky is the son of comedian Mahmood Ali and he got married three times, but still today he is alone. Lucky Ali was born on September 19, 1958. It is said that Lucky did not have a good relationship with his father Mahmood. Lucky released his debut album 'Ye' in 1996 and the album was loved by the masses. The actress who worked in the album was Meghan Jane MacCleary with whom Lucky got married for the first time and the two had two children. However, a few years later, lucky and Meghan separated.

Lucky Ali got married again after a few years. This time he married Inaya, a Persian woman, and then they had two children, but Ali divorced Inaya shortly afterwards. Then, in 2010, Lucky Ali married British beauty queen Kate Elizabeth. Kate changed her name to Ayesha Ali after her marriage to Lucky, but like the two marriages, Lucky's relationship broke down. Lucky is now alone at the age of 63. Nowadays he is in Bengaluru and his children also living with Lucky.

Lucky is no longer interested in Bollywood. He says, 'I can't watch Bollywood films anymore. I was born a long time before this Bollywood. I was at the time music directors like Rd Burman and Madan Mohanji. Even Bombay was a different place. Everything that goes on in memories. 

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