Here people bring lunch along with them to make Aadhaar cards, know whole matter

Aug 09 2019 11:15 AM
Here people bring lunch along with them to make Aadhaar cards, know whole matter

Baitul: In Bethul district of Madhya Pradesh, it has become very complicated to make Aadhaar cards as the district does not have enough centres to make Aadhaar cards. That is why people in the rural areas have to pack Chappaties and come to the headquarters. On the other hand, the administration has assured that the Aadhaar card problems will be cleared soon. Queues of people can be seen at the main post office of the district headquarters as the sun rises.

At present, Aadhaar cards are required to be used to enroll in schools, ranging from availing the benefits of various government schemes. The post office is the nearest site to the city and the surrounding village with a population of 1.5 lakh from where Aadhaar cards are being made. Sukhiya Bai, Devki Bai, Ramku Bai of Bhimpur, Damjipura, Chirapatla, says that she has reached the centre at 5 a.m. with her children to tie a bag of bread and make Aadhaar cards.

He mentioned that people gets token for making Aadhar card. In the token is written on which day to arrive. The Aadhaar card has to be created by visiting the specified date after the token is taken. The villagers said that they had come first and got the token, so now they have come to get Aadhaar cards. They have brought bread in the bag, because this Aadhaar card is necessary for them, so it is important to make it no matter how long it takes and can keep the children hungry, so they carry the food along with them. 

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