Madhya Pradesh: Demonstration of gym operators in Satna
Madhya Pradesh: Demonstration of gym operators in Satna

Satna: On the occasion of International Yoga Day, gym operators staged a unique protest at Dhawari intersection of Satna in Madhya Pradesh. The protesters did yoga on the road and demanded the government to open the gym. Gym operators took posters in their hands and tried to speak to the administration.

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It is noteworthy that gym operators have raised questions about opening liquor contracts with the government through banners. He said, is alcohol a good thing? Why not a gym when liquor shops can be opened? The government has opened liquor shops in lockdown, but the gyms are still closed. Due to which gym operators are frustrated. Gym operators said that Satna is in the Green Zone and there is not a corona patient here. All other institutions have been opened.

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The protesters say that the gym owners have opened the gym with a loan of lakhs of rupees. Their employees have become unemployed. Therefore, this demonstration is being done to open the gym, seeking relief from the government. Not only this, the gym operators said that the gym keeps our health healthy and increases the immunity power of the body. They believe that the gym can be a good way to fight the coronavirus in any way. Even after this, the government has closed the gym. Gym operators have performed this unique performance today on all these issues.

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