Impact of lockdown on transport service, will have to face many challenges

Due to the lockdown, the local transport service along with the outer cities has come to a complete standstill. If the vigilance being taken to prevent the coronavirus took a permanent form, it would not be easy to operate the transport service. Owners of cargo vehicles including low floor, midi, mini buses, autos, magic vehicles will face many challenges. Many problems will be encountered such as following physical distance from passengers, sanitizing vehicles, not allowing passengers to sit in unmasked vehicles.

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According to transport experts, if local transport service is started, then many changes will be seen. However, no such order has come to the transport department from the government that after May 3 to start the transport service giving relief in lockdown.

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The transportation system in lockdown has completely crumbled. Loss of crores of rupees has been done. It is not possible to assess correctly. Tax relief should be given to vehicle owners by the government. Companies should provide relief in insurance. The drivers and conductors get financial help. All boundaries of districts are sealed. It is difficult to start transport service outside the city at the moment. Even if passenger vehicles are operated in the city after May 3, it is going to be a challenge for the authorities to use safe physical distance, sanitizer and mask from the passengers.

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