Door of Second Kedar Madmaheshwar closed for winters
Door of Second Kedar Madmaheshwar closed for winters

The doors of second Kedar, Lord Madmaheshwar, have been closed this morning for winters. The doors were closed with chanting at 8:30 AM today. During this, more than 150 devotees saw God in Dham. After the closure of the temple, Baba's 'Chal Vigrah Utsav Doli' departed for Omkareshwar Temple Ukhimath for the winter throne. At the first stop, Baba's 'Doli' will now stay overnight in Goundar village.

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On 24 November 2019, the 'Doli' will be seated in the 'Panchakedar Padisthal Omkareshwar Temple' for 6 months of winter worship. Other preparations are going on in full swing with the decoration of the temple by the temple committee.

According to the information received, the worship of Baba Madmaheshwar started in the temple from early in the morning today. The chief priest made adornment and feed(Bhog) God. After completing all the religious formalities, special worship and aarti were performed by giving samadhi to the Swayambhu Linga installed in the sanctum sanctorum.

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The same sources say that after this, the Bhoga idols of the second Kedar Lord Madmaheshwar were enshrined in the ongoing Deity festival. Before departing from the Dham, Devotees inspected their characters and made three rounds of the temple. After this, the doors of the temple were closed for the winter with the call of law and legislation in the presence of the rightful people. On 23 November 2019, the three-day Madmaheshwar Mela is also starting on the arrival of Aaradhya, whose preparations are almost complete.

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