Watch here the video of Mahakal's Bhasma Aarti on Mahashivratri

The festival of Mahashivratri is being celebrated all over the country today. Today is being celebrated with full reverence and faith. For the devotees of Lord Shiva, the day of Mahashivratri is no less than a mahaparva. In such a situation, there is a huge crowd in the Mahakal Temple of Ujjain today.



Here on the day of Mahashivratri, devotees worship Lord Shiva with all their heart. On this day, there is a huge crowd in 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Bholenath in India and there are long queues of devotees everywhere to have darshan of their adorable. Meanwhile, special ablution and adornment have taken place in the Mahakal Temple of Ujjain. On the day of Shivratri, Baba Mahakal's glimpse and chanting of his mantra give special results. In such a situation, under this tradition, worship and aarti are being done with special preparations in the temple today.

Now the video of Shiv Ji's aarti has surfaced, which you can see. It is said that on this day Shiva and Mother Parvati travel the earth in the night and those who worship them in the night get the special grace of Lord Shiva, and their every wish gets fulfilled. For now, watch this great video.

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