Shame on Humanity! No one helped young man suffering on the road, watch VIDEO

Mumbai: Although many shocking videos of accidents are available on social media, seeing these videos will also bring shame to humanity. A video of a road accident is going viral, in which it can be seen that a person has become a victim of an accident and no one even comes to see him. The video of this incident is said to be from Aurangabad, Maharashtra.

This incident, which shames humanity, was captured on CCTV and is now going viral on the internet. In the video, a man can be seen crossing the road, who becomes a victim of the accident the next moment, but during this time no one is coming forward to save him. Not only this, but the car that hits this person also leaves comfortably without stopping. Meanwhile, other vehicles going on the road can also be seen going beside the person injured in the accident.

It is being told that the person injured in the road accident was lying on the road for a long time, but this young man did not get any kind of help from anyone, due to which he died in agony. You will also be surprised by the sudden death of this young man who went to bring tea, but if people helped him in time, then maybe this man would have been alive. No one stopped their car and the passersby just kept watching him. Humanity is dead!

No action has been taken against the accused who hit the man so far. It has now become clear how people of today have become, who do not even try to help anyone. This video has been shared on Twitter with an ID named "IamSuVidha". While sharing the video, a caption has also been given with many hashtags, which reads, "Human beings are alive, Humanity is dead...'' After watching the video, this post written in the caption seems to be proving correct.

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