Mahua Moitra said this regarding the crime related matter
Mahua Moitra said this regarding the crime related matter

Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra is going to appear before the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha on November 2 in the case of taking bribe for asking questions in Parliament. Earlier, the TMC MP has raised questions on the committee which is investigating the case. He has claimed that the Ethics Committee does not have the authority to take action on allegations of alleged crime. She said she was going to answer them when she appeared before the committee tomorrow. In a letter to committee chairman Vinod Kumar Sonkar, Moitra claimed that this lack of power was deliberately put in place by the founding fathers of our country to prevent misuse of the committees by the government. He also reiterated his demand to cross-examine businessman Darshan Hiranandani on the allegations made in the case. Reports say businessman Hiranandani has admitted that he used Moitra's parliamentary login ID and password to ask questions from Dubai.

Not the appropriate forum to investigate: Moitra has said in a post that the Ethics Committee cannot be the appropriate forum to investigate the alleged allegations. Parliamentary committees lack criminal jurisdiction. He has also stressed the importance of involving law enforcement agencies in such cases. In a letter to Ethics Committee Chairman Vinod Kumar Sonkar, she has said, 'I would like to respectfully remind you that parliamentary committees have no authority to take action against alleged crimes. This can only be done by law enforcement agencies. This inquiry was specifically created by the Founding Fathers of our country to prevent even the slightest misuse of committees by governments with overwhelming majorities in Parliament.’
There should be no room for political bias: Moitra to appear before the Ethics Committee tomorrow. He has asked the committee to ensure that there is no place for political bias in their functioning. He alleged that the committee has not made any code of conduct for the MPs to follow. The TMC MP, in a letter to the Chairman of the Ethics Committee, said, 'It is important to note that till date the Ethics Committee has not prepared any code of conduct for the members and in fact no meeting of the committee has been held in the last two years. . I would like to respectfully state that given the lack of a code of conduct, it is even more important that each case is handled fairly.'

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