Make Almond cookies at home with these simple cooking steps
Make Almond cookies at home with these simple cooking steps

Almond cookies are very tasty in food. They are specially made on Christmas. You should also make almond cookies at least once. Then if they want to eat themselves or serve guests, it will taste amazing.

Materials Required:
Flour - 200 gm (2 cups)
Baking Powder - 1 1/2 Tablespoons
Almond - 150 gm (1 cup)
Butter - 200 g (1 cup)
Peasy sugar - 200 gm (1 cup)
Milk - 2 tablespoons

First, mix the flour and baking powder and filter it in a plate.

20-25 of all the almonds, save the whole variety and grind the almonds to the other. Soak the saved almonds in lukewarm water for half an hour. After half an hour remove them and cut them in two pieces in a length of the knife.

Now melt the butter in a vessel and heat it lightly. Mixing sugar in this melted butter mixes well.

Put the dough in the buttermilk mixture. Mix it until it grows. In a prepared mixture, add grated almonds and milk and fold it like a dough.

Grease a tray with ghee and apply it. Take a little mixture of the mixture and round it by hand and then press the size of the cookies. Take half a piece of almond and put it on cookies and press and paste. Prepare all other cookies in the same way.

Put all the cookies in one truncated tray one by one. Put them carefully at a distance. Because when the cookies are baked their size will be larger than before. So keep the same amount of cookies as you can in a tray.

Pre-heat ovem to 180'. Put a tray of cookies in it and bake it for 15 minutes. Then check after 15 minutes. If the sides of the cookies have become light brown then they are baked, but if they are not brown, then bake them for 5 minutes and bake them. Cookies are ready after a certain time. Let them cool off the oven and then put them in a bowl.

Tasty and fresh almond cookies are ready. Feed them at home and eat them too. You can keep the remaining almond cookies filled in air-tight containers and then take them out whenever you want and eat.

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