Making the most of opportunities helped Japanese businessman Akitashintaro attain massive success.

His determination, mixed with passion and resilience, helped him also thrive as an investor for businesses worldwide.

Among the many talented beings that the world has produced so far, learning about all those who created their success stories from the ground up instils more hope, positivity and inspiration in people. Individuals who have shown brighter in their respective industries have given it their all, pushed the envelope, and had a hunger to do something different in life. This very attitude has helped many individuals get near their definition of success and attain massive momentum, inspiring other budding entrepreneurs of the world. Doing exactly that and flourishing as a businessman and investor is Akitashintaro from Japan, who believed in his dreams and made every possible effort to turn the same into a reality.

Ask him what drove him towards the world of business, and the passionate professional says, "To create something of my own, something that could provide value to people and something that could help me innovate consistently." The passion for investing followed soon, and Akitashintaro began investing in businesses all around the world.  

Akitashintaro was a rugby player as a student who was even selected as a member of the national team. Little did he know then that life would place him directly into the entrepreneurial world from there and give him exponential success after that.

After graduating from one of Japan's leading advanced schools, at the age of 22, Akitashintaro was already the CEO of his own company, which became the number one IT company in Japan. Within five years, it was flourishing with over 600 employees, and now the statistics have skyrocketed even more. The main business of the firm is to manufacture and sell solar panels. They even set up their manufacturing plant in China.

"To challenge myself is what I love doing. Getting into the investing space was something I did not know I would do, but I began investing in Japan's leading fashion shows and world martial arts competitions and also developed great relationships with various politicians and celebrities," says the astute businessman and investor. Seeing more growth in Singapore and Dubai's restaurant sector, he even invested in the restaurants there and, in 2021, will also be opening a new restaurant in Dubai, the UAE.

The super famous entrepreneur travels between Dubai, France, Italy, and England for his work and plans to open restaurants here within two years. His incredible work portfolio and the recognition he has gained over the years earned him invites to fashion shows of world-famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Valentino and Chanel. 

Akitashintaro is a true hustler who wants to learn something new each day and implement the same in his daily life to become his better version as an entrepreneur, investor and individual.

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