Trump will not taste Shimla's food
Trump will not taste Shimla's food

Shimla: Trump will not taste the taste of Kullu trout prepared in ice-cold water. Trout are not being sent from Kullu during the two-day visit of US President Donald Trump to India. Prior to this, trout were sent exclusively for US President Barack Obama from Patlukaul.

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According to the information, the trout prepared in the trout farm of Patlu Kahul was specially served. US and Indian security personnel arrived here in a special plane to take Barack Obama to trout. In the year 2019, the flood in the Beas river devastated the trout fish of Patlukahal. There was nothing left of the trout farm in the flood. It is also being said that some fish and eggs hatching in the farm were washed away. The production of trout has stalled since then. Due to the failure of the administration and the department, this time Kullu's name was left due to the international level. In 1989, the Indo-Norwegian Trout Fish Farm was established at Patlu Kahul near Manali. Due to the taste and medicinal properties of this trout fish of foreign species, it started to be discussed from Hollywood to Bollywood.

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Former Prime Minister Late Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also fond of trout fish. Satpal Mehta, Director of Fisheries Department posted in Bilaspur, said that the trout farm has been destroyed in Patlukahal. It is being rebuilt. So this time the trout order has not been received for the President of America.

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