Microsoft Paint Integrates DALL-E 3: Text-to-Image Generation Feature
Microsoft Paint Integrates DALL-E 3: Text-to-Image Generation Feature

Microsoft Paint has introduced a groundbreaking update by integrating DALL-E 3, enabling users to craft images from text seamlessly.

The latest reports confirm that Microsoft has begun rolling out DALL-E 3 integration to its Paint application on Windows 11. Previously exclusive to Windows Insider users, this feature is now available to all, accessible through a newly introduced "Cocreator" button within Microsoft Paint, according to a report by Windows Latest.

In a September announcement, the tech giant outlined its intentions to incorporate generative AI-powered functionalities across its suite of apps and services, which included plans for Paint. The recent rollout of the Cocreator feature within Paint, extending beyond the Insider program, empowers users to create images from text through OpenAI's DALL-E 3 image generation tool.

This text-to-image generation tool mirrors the functionality of DALL-E 3-powered Bing Image Creator within Microsoft Paint. To utilize this feature, users can click on the "Cocreator" button situated on the right side of the toolbar in Paint. This action prompts a sidebar where users can input a description, triggering AI to generate corresponding images.

Additionally, Microsoft is offering a concise tutorial aimed at users unfamiliar with DALL-E or any AI-driven text-to-image generation tool.

The integration of DALL-E 3 into Microsoft Paint on Windows 11 initially debuted in the Canary and Dev channels back in September. Subsequently, users in the Release Preview Channel gained access to this feature. Now, individuals utilizing the stable release of Windows 11 can leverage DALL-E 3 capabilities within Microsoft Paint as of this week. To ensure access to the new "Cocreator" button, users are advised to update to the latest version of the app if it doesn't appear.

Historically known as a straightforward drawing platform, Microsoft Paint has recently undergone significant enhancements, including background removal functionality and support for layers. The AI-driven background removal feature delivers instant results with a single click, while the introduction of layers empowers users to work independently on various components of an image, enhancing overall creative capabilities.

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