Microsoft will close all retail stores around world permanently
Microsoft will close all retail stores around world permanently

Technology giant Microsoft has announced the closure of all its retail stores around the world. Microsoft has said in its newsletter that all its retail stores will be closed, only four stores will remain open in which the product is no longer sold. These four stores are now used only as experience centers. All Microsoft stores will be closed in the US and worldwide. The company has said that it will now focus on digital stores. Microsoft has said that the number of monthly active users of, Xbox and Windows is 1.2 billion from 190 markets.

Currently, the company has told English tech news website The Verge that it is not doing any layoffs at the moment. Microsoft has not revealed the date by which these stores will be closed forever, although it has definitely said that the services available at retail stores will be given online to customers. The company has stated that its online sales are steadily increasing and our team is serving customers in a virtual better way than in retail stores. Microsoft said, "We have built a team that includes multitalented people who can work from any corner of the world."

It also said, "Our team is ready to help all types of consumers under any circumstances. In this, our team has people who know more than 120 languages. Our team is now stronger than ever". The company closed its stores after the outbreak in March. During this time, Microsoft's team helped small merchants and customers with education online. Thousands of people were trained for this and people were helped through calls. During this time, the Microsoft team has organized 14,000 online workshops, summer camps and 3,000 virtual graduate classes.

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