'Mike Chhina, Gaane Nahi Diya', the singer insulted in a live show, left the stage crying.
'Mike Chhina, Gaane Nahi Diya', the singer insulted in a live show, left the stage crying.

A shocking video has come to light regarding famous Bhojpuri singer Priyanka Singh. Priyanka Singh had come to perform at the two-day Thave Festival in Bihar's Gopalganj district, where instead of honouring her, she was humiliated. Priyanka Singh was giving her performance on the live show when she was stopped midway and her microphone was snatched away. She wanted to sing openly, but she did not get the opportunity to sing.

Priyanka Singh is crying and saying that 'this is not good'. You people are not doing good to me. ' An artist should not be insulted if an artist is singing, and again and again in between... I am not dying to sing. You have done very wrong, district administration. There are many platforms to sing on. Very bad experience of mine. After this, she starts crying bitterly. Priyanka Singh kept on asking for two minutes to sing, but the event organisers, who were in a hurry, did not give her the opportunity to sing for two minutes.

This video of Priyanka has become a topic of discussion on social media. Everyone is seen talking in her support. Akshara Singh has also raised her voice in support of Priyanka Singh. She wrote, 'Such degrading behaviour with an artist is highly condemnable.' With great luck, God gives birth to someone who is an artist. This woman snatching the microphone on the stage has probably forgotten that, being a woman, she is insulting a woman. This is not the first time that a Bhojpuri star has had to swallow insults on stage. Earlier, there had been a ruckus over the shows of stars like Khesari Lal, Akshara Singh, and Pawan Singh.

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