Mithai update, January 17: Mithai and Sid meet the confectioners welcomes them
Mithai update, January 17: Mithai and Sid meet the confectioners welcomes them

The Modak family is busy discussing their plan for the sweet hub in the newest episode of Mithai. They also delegate obligations to one another. Mithai suggests involving Som, whose connection with his family is poor at the time. When Mithai mentions his name, Som feels upset. He gladly takes the burden, but Som is unsure if Samaresh will accept it. Som is assured by Siddheshwar, who urges him to coordinate with the confectioners.

Mithai afterwards prepares meals for the confectioner who will work for their new business. Sid is opposed to the idea. He assures Mithai that everything for the confectioners has already been arranged. However, a determined Mithai speaks about the Modak family's legacy and want to feed them.

The family members instruct Sid to take Mithai to the confectioners' quarters. Sid first refuses, but after Mithai sustains an injury while riding, he reconsiders. Mithai is taken to see the confectioners by Sid. Sid still opposes Mithai's plan, but the latter believes it is the greatest way to form a relationship with the confectioners.

Mithai enthusiastically meets and welcomes the employees. There is also a guy planted by Omi Agarwal among the confectioners. Motilal, a guy masquerading as a confectioner, keeps a close check on everyone. When he learns of the preparations for the inaugural day, he tells Omi.

Motilal tries to be too friendly and offers to give his coworkers lunch, but Mithai is the one who wants to do it. Sid, much to Mithai's amazement, helps Mithai and serves meals to everybody. She is delighted to see Sid in a good mood.

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