MK Stalin says Cyclone Michaung Impact Less Severe Than 2015 Floods
MK Stalin says Cyclone Michaung Impact Less Severe Than 2015 Floods

Chennai: After conducting an assessment of the flood situation in Chennai on Tuesday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin remarked that the damage caused by Cyclone Michaung was comparatively less severe than the floods experienced in 2015.

Following two days of torrential rain triggered by the severe cyclonic storm 'Michaung,' which brought the city to a standstill, Stalin, accompanied by other state ministers, visited the affected areas to evaluate the ground situation. In drawing a comparison between the recent floods triggered by Michaung and those from eight years ago, Stalin commented, "The rains during Cyclone Michaung exceeded those in 2015. While the 2015 floods were man-made due to the release of water from Chembarambakkam Lake, the current situation is a natural flood. The damage is comparatively less than that of the previous floods."

During a press conference, the CM attributed the relatively lesser impact to stormwater drain projects initiated by the DMK government, asserting that Chennai managed to avoid a more severe situation. Despite ongoing relief efforts in the submerged areas of the city, numerous parts remain underwater, leading to the use of boats for transportation by Chennai residents.

AIADMK MP M Thambidurai criticized the ruling state government for a perceived lack of precautionary measures, stating, "The people of Chennai are suffering. This shows the ineffectiveness of the current government and their failure to tackle the situation."

In contrast, Congress MP Karti Chidambaram defended the state government, acknowledging their efforts. He stated, "The state government is doing everything it can. I'm sure the Centre will also contribute the necessary resources to address this calamity. My heart goes out to everybody in Chennai who's suffering due to this huge calamity."

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