MLA Rambai meets Narottam Mishra, talks on bringing back the workers
MLA Rambai meets Narottam Mishra, talks on bringing back the workers

Bhopal: Thousands of laborers are stranded in other states due to the lockdown implemented for the prevention of Corona epidemic. On Wednesday, many workers from UP and Rajasthan have been brought back to the state. But many workers of Bhopal district are still stranded in other states. MLA Rambai spoke with Health Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra on Thursday from Patharia Assembly seat in Damoh district to enable the workers of the area to be brought back.

During this, talks between the Health Minister and the MLA went on for a long time. During this conversation, Rambai spoke about the health problems of the region, including the problems of laborers trapped in other states. During the conversation, Rambai told Narottam Mishra that many workers of our region are stuck in other states. They should be brought back. On this, Minister Mishra said that we have brought many laborers from other states (Rajasthan, UP), the trapped laborers in other states will also be brought back soon.

Narrating Rambai, Narottam Mishra said that if you have time, I will give you the number of officials concerned and I will talk to them myself. If you want, provide the list of trapped laborers of your area to the concerned officials and talk to them, they will tell you where to find the bus. After that, you should bring the workers of your area there.

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