Module of terrorist organization ISIS caught in Gujarat
Module of terrorist organization ISIS caught in Gujarat

Ahmedabad: A team of Gujarat Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has carried out a major operation in Porbandar in the state. The Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has busted an Islamic State (ISIS) module and arrested five terrorists, including a woman, from Porbandar. This action has been taken on the basis of intelligence. The ATS will make an official announcement after the operation is completed. It is believed that official information can be given in the media by this evening.  

These people, who were arrested in the case related to terrorist activities, were questioned throughout the night. During this, it was found that these people were trying to flee to another country to join ISIS and were in touch with each other for the last one year. They were being given a message from terrorist leaders sitting in Pakistan. The woman has been identified as Sameera Bano. Sameera Bano, a resident of Surat, got married in Tamil Nadu. She worked on an ISIS module. Sameera used to poison Muslim boys aged 16-18 years for love jihad. Sameera has also been found involved in the love jihad racket.  

The operation was launched on Friday (June 9) under the leadership of ATS DIG Deepen Bhadran. The ATS had been keeping an eye on the accused for some time and their every movement was being monitored. The ATS had earlier taken a major action last month and busted a module associated with the terrorist organization Al Qaeda. On May 22, the ATS arrested a Bangladeshi national from Ahmedabad, while three were detained. The four arrested were Bangladeshi nationals who were living illegally in Ahmedabad and instigating Muslim youths to join al-Qaeda.

Terrorism spread to all states of India, one goal - Islamic nation

In 2022, the Bihar Police and the NIA had busted the radical outfit Popular Front of India (PFI), which is working on making India an Islamic nation by 2047 and has spread from Kerala to Kashmir. To make this conspiracy successful, PFI had also made a complete plan on how to give arms training to Muslims, how to incite SC/ST and OBC against other Hindus, put their own people in the system and then capture power as soon as terrorists are organized and bring India under the Islamic flag. Similar revelations have been made in the interrogation of 16 suspects of terrorist organization Hizb ut Tahrir (HuT) arrested from Madhya Pradesh and Telangana, who were taking arms training in the forests of Madhya Pradesh. All these people were living among the public like ordinary people, some were engineers, some were professors.   

The biggest surprise was that half of the 16 HuT terrorists were first Hindus, who were first converted to Islam by brainwashing and listening to the speeches of fugitive Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, and then the terrorists, these fundamentalists were given the task of converting other people too. By looking at these developments, you can understand how close terrorism has come to us and how big a threat is looming on India. After which a big terror module of Al Qaeda was caught from Gujarat, in which 4 Bangladeshi terrorists were arrested and then a big disclosure was made about the conspiracies of Islamic State (ISIS) in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Some highly objectionable documents were also recovered from the ISIS terror module found in Jabalpur, in which it is written that the rape of non-Muslim girls is justified and it is a means to get closer to God. In 2015, a Yazidi girl released from the clutches of terrorists had also told in her interview that while raping her, the terrorists used to say that it brings them closer to God and it is not a crime to rape those who do not believe in Allah.   Looking at this, it can be said that terrorism has spread to every state of India, but, due to the strictness of the agencies, they are not able to succeed in their plans, but a slight mistake or laxity can cause a naked dance of terrorism all over India, as we have seen in Kashmir (1990).  

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