4 lakh 21 thousand coronavirus cases reported in South Africa

Washington: Brazil is the most affected by the Covid-19 in the world after the US. So far, more than 23 lakh cases have been reported, the death toll has exceeded 85 thousand. During the last 24 hours, more than 55 thousand new cases were reported in the country. In which more than 1 people have lost their lives. There have been more than 23 lakh 43 thousand infections in Brazil. More than 85 thousand people died. Now more than 15 lakh 92 thousand people have been cured. According to the news agency, a day earlier, on Friday, 59,961 cases of corona infection were reported.

More than 41 lakh 28 thousand cases have been reported. More than one lakh 45 thousand people lost their life. After America and Brazil, the most cases of corona have been reported in India. So far more than 13 lakh cases have been reported and more than 30 thousand people have lost their lives. More than 8 lakh cases have been reported in Russia and more than 13 thousand people have died.

South Africa: Corona cases are also increasing rapidly in South Africa. So far, more than four lakh 21 thousand cases have been reported and more than six thousand people have died. The first case of Corona came to light in December last year in Wuhan city of China. Since then, more than one crore 58 lakh cases have been reported in the whole world and more than 6 lakh 38 thousand people have died.

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