MP: Husband gifted Taj Mahal like home to his wife

Burhanpur: Today we are going to tell you about a couple who are in love in Burhanpur in Madhya Pradesh, which will make you lose consciousness after knowing about them. In fact, here a man has gifted his wife a house that looks like the Taj Mahal. This house, which looks like the real Taj Mahal has 4 bedrooms, a kitchen, a library and a meditation room and it is said that it takes 3 years to build this house.

This Taj Mahal-like house has towers just like the real Taj Mahal. You all will be surprised to know that the floor of the house has been prepared by the artisans of Makrana and the furniture of Mumbai. Not only that, the house is lit inside and outside in such a way that even in the dark of the night, the house looks as bright as the real Taj Mahal. Well, the young man we are talking about is Anand Chowkse from Burhanpur. He says he always wondered why the Taj Mahal, popularly known as a sign of love around the world, was not in his city Burhanpur.

That is why he built a Taj Mahal-like house for his wife. On the other hand, the engineer who built a house like Taj Mahal said, "There were many hurdles in the construction of a house like Taj Mahal. This is because for this they had to study the real Taj Mahal closely. A house like the Taj Mahal has a dome kept 29 feet high. It has a large hall, 2 bedrooms down, 2 bedrooms up. A kitchen, a library and a meditation room are also built-in. Artists from Bengal and Indore have been roped in for carvings inside this house. This house has received the Award for Indian Constructing Ultratech Out Standing Structure of MP.

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