Government to cut 54 thousand trees for Metro
Government to cut 54 thousand trees for Metro

New Delhi: 54 thousand mangrove trees will be cut in the sea areas of Maharashtra for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train. This is just the beginning of the so-called development that the entire Mumbai and Maharashtra will be paying in just a few years. A recent report also acknowledges that it may cause floods in Navi Mumbai. Also inform you that mangroves are saline plants in the coastal areas of the sea. Mangroves act like a buffer between earth and sea.

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According to information, there are about 80 species of mangroves and grow in swamps. Where oxygen is found in small quantities. Mangroves carry out flood prevention. Mangroves on the sea are considered a must for the environment. While the Government is arguing that we will plant 5 plants instead of cutting one. Although nothing like this is visible, naturally grown plants do not have an option. It is said that there will be no habitat. However, no response on the issue is being seen in the country. 

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Everybody is aware that our country is the worst hit by global warming. Scientists have also been advised to plant 1000 billion trees all over the world to deal with it globally. This means that climate change can help in almost as much area as the United States if plants are planted. However, we are doing the opposite and many cities in India are more hot in summer this year. 

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