Must read these questions if you are preparing for competitive exams
Must read these questions if you are preparing for competitive exams

1. The Mandal Commission came into force during the tenure of which Prime Minister?
Answer: VP Singh

2. What is SARS?
Answer: Virus-spreading diseases

3. Who is the father of the Green Revolution in India
Answer - M.S. Swaminathan

4. White revolution is concerned with
Answer: From milk

5. Godhra is famous for what?
Answer: To burn people in a train

6. Who was the last Mughal ruler?
Answer - Bahadur Shah Zafar

7. Who opposed Sati system the most?
Answer - Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

8. What is the full form of OBC.
Answer - Other Backward classes

9. Why is SAIL famous?
Answer - For steel production.

10. Why are demand drafts crossed?
Answer - So that payment can be made through bank account only.

11. Where does Pushkar Mail take place?
Answer: Jaipur

12. Where was the Azad Hind Fauj established?
Answer: Singapore

13. India ranks in the world in terms of area.
Answer: Seventh

14. Zakir Hussain is related to
Answer: Tabla

15. The tomb of Lal Bahadur Shastri is called
Answer - Vijay Ghat

16. Suez Canal connects.
Answer: Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

17. Who is called the queen of issues?
Answer - Cardamom

18. '] [' is indicative of.
Answer: Bridge

19. Who was the founder of Nazism?
Answer: Hitler

20. Who started the 'Din-i-Ilahi' religion?
Answer: Akbar

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