Must read these questions if you are preparing for competitive exams

Feb 19 2021 02:53 PM
Must read these questions if you are preparing for competitive exams

1. The Mandal Commission came into force during the tenure of which Prime Minister?
Answer: VP Singh

2. What is SARS?
Answer: Virus-spreading diseases

3. Who is the father of the Green Revolution in India
Answer - M.S. Swaminathan

4. White revolution is concerned with
Answer: From milk

5. Godhra is famous for what?
Answer: To burn people in a train

6. Who was the last Mughal ruler?
Answer - Bahadur Shah Zafar

7. Who opposed Sati system the most?
Answer - Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

8. What is the full form of OBC.
Answer - Other Backward classes

9. Why is SAIL famous?
Answer - For steel production.

10. Why are demand drafts crossed?
Answer - So that payment can be made through bank account only.

11. Where does Pushkar Mail take place?
Answer: Jaipur

12. Where was the Azad Hind Fauj established?
Answer: Singapore

13. India ranks in the world in terms of area.
Answer: Seventh

14. Zakir Hussain is related to
Answer: Tabla

15. The tomb of Lal Bahadur Shastri is called
Answer - Vijay Ghat

16. Suez Canal connects.
Answer: Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

17. Who is called the queen of issues?
Answer - Cardamom

18. '] [' is indicative of.
Answer: Bridge

19. Who was the founder of Nazism?
Answer: Hitler

20. Who started the 'Din-i-Ilahi' religion?
Answer: Akbar

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