Read these general knowledge question if preparing for competitive exams
Read these general knowledge question if preparing for competitive exams

Such questions related to general knowledge appearing in competitive exams which will be helpful for your success. By answering these questions correctly you will be able to score well.

Which river is called 'Mourning of Bengal' → Damodar
Which region is the iron zone → Kundremukh region
What is the river that falls in the Arabian Sea → Tapti River
Where is the 'Hydroelectric Power House' located → Koyna
Whose tributary is Tawa → Narmada
In which type of area do U-shaped valleys develop → Glacier region
The least rainy place in India is → Leh

Which is the most sparse state in terms of population density in India → Jammu and Kashmir
Mount Everest Mountains border which two countries → Nepal and China
From where is the longest National Highway (NH-7) → Varanasi to Kanyakumari
How old is the Maha Kumbh Mela? - Twelve years
Which of the following statements is correct → Big tide and Bhatta come on full moon day.
Which is the maximum productive area of zinc in India → Rajasthan
Which of the following continents is called the 'country of thirsty land' → Australia
Diesel oil is preferred for heavy motor vehicles, because → cheaper fuel is spent.
Which of the following states is the largest production of asbestos in India → Jharkhand
According to the 2001 census, which state of India has recorded the highest increase in sex ratio → Chhattisgarh
On which of the following rivers is the Shivasamudram waterfall → Cauvery river

Which is the longest railway block in India → Northern Railway
'Sargasso Sagar' is located in which of the following → Atlantic Ocean
Which of the following is not a plantation crop → rice
What goods are imported from Haldia port '→ Petroleum products
Which is the oldest mountain valley of India → Aravali ranges
Which is the largest coal field of India → Jharia
Which of the following is not a breed of goat → Mewati

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