Nagaland to host G20 Business Summit 2023 on April 5
Nagaland to host G20 Business Summit 2023 on April 5

KOHIMA: at Kohima on April 5, informed the state's Chief Secretary J Alam.

The G20 Summit 2023 will be held in Kohima on April 5,  informed the state's Chief Secretary J Alam.

The Chief Secretary said in the G20 calendar, meetings are to take place all around the year in about 33 cities, with the most scheduled to be held in Kohima. "Nagaland will host the biggest business meeting, which will feature representatives of the G20 countries, on April 5, 2023. We are fully prepared to host the summit event," he said.

The chief secretary stated that the state anticipated hosting about 110 delegates, of which about 100 will come from the 28 G20 nations and the remaining from associated international organisations. He added that the delegates would arrive on special flights on April 4 and would then participate in the main events on April 5.

He stated that the summit events would include business meetings and cultural performances that would highlight Nagaland's advantages "The meetings would primarily be focused on the growth of the state's tourism industry and the agri, allied, and food processing industries. We anticipate that the state will be able to generate investment possibilities as a result of these activities."

The delegates would receive a formal welcome upon their arrival on April 4 at the Capital Cultural Hall in Kohima. On April 5, business meetings would take place in the State Banquet Hall, followed by a cultural evening and dinner at the Kisama heritage complex, where the State intended to present its famous Hornbill Festival in honour of the visitors.

He also said that preparations were being made to give the delegates a great welcome and that the infrastructure, particularly at the airport, as well as the roads and venues, were being spruced up.

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