Brutal pictures surfaced from Bihar, Nilgai was buried alive

Patna: A very cruel and brutal picture has come out of Vaishali in Bihar, where a Nilgai is buried alive. Video of this shameful incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Actually, the government has taken out an order to protect the crop of farmers, in which there is an order to kill Nilgai.

The forest department of Vaishali district has claimed to have killed over 300 Nilgai in the last 4 days, but the picture of the Nilgai dying in the Goraul of Vaishali by the Forest Department is extremely cruel. Here, the surviving Nilgai is being buried alive after pushing a living Nilgai from the JCB machine into the pit. Killing Nilgai is an important step for the protection of farmers' crops, but the department's way of killing Nilgai is very cold.

The provision is that after shooting Nilgai to be buried after assuring his death, the matter of burying many Nilgai alive has come to light by the employees of the forest department. However, after the video surfaced, the department has assured investigation and action in this matter.

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