New fraud related to ATM! Do these things before dialing the helpline number
New fraud related to ATM! Do these things before dialing the helpline number

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial transactions, criminals are constantly devising new ways to exploit unsuspecting individuals. One such scheme that has recently emerged is related to Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), posing a significant threat to the security of your finances. To safeguard yourself from falling victim to this fraudulent activity, it's crucial to understand the nature of the scam and take proactive measures. Here's what you need to know before reaching out to the helpline number:

Understanding the ATM Fraud Scheme

1. Skimming Devices

  • Criminals install skimming devices on ATMs to steal card information.
  • These devices are often disguised to blend in with the ATM's design, making them difficult to detect.

2. PIN Theft

  • Alongside skimming devices, fraudsters may also use hidden cameras to record PIN entries.
  • By capturing both card data and PINs, criminals gain access to victims' accounts.

3. Cloning Cards

  • With the stolen information, fraudsters clone debit or credit cards.
  • These cloned cards are then used to make unauthorized transactions, draining victims' accounts.

Precautionary Measures

1. Inspect the ATM

  • Before inserting your card, examine the ATM for any suspicious devices or loose components.
  • If something seems out of place, refrain from using the machine and report it immediately.

2. Cover Your PIN

  • Shield your PIN entry with your hand or body to prevent cameras from capturing it.
  • Be vigilant of your surroundings and lookout for anyone acting suspiciously nearby.

3. Use Secure ATMs

  • Prefer ATMs located in well-lit, populated areas, as they are less likely to be tampered with.
  • Opt for ATMs within bank branches or trusted establishments whenever possible.

4. Monitor Account Activity

  • Regularly review your bank statements and transaction history for any unauthorized charges.
  • Report any suspicious activity to your bank promptly to mitigate potential losses.

Before Dialing the Helpline Number

1. Gather Information

  • Note down the date, time, and location of the suspected fraudulent transaction.
  • Keep your account details and relevant documentation ready for reference.

2. Contact Your Bank

  • Prioritize contacting your bank's fraud department directly using the official helpline number.
  • Avoid using numbers provided in suspicious emails or messages, as they may lead to further scams.

3. Freeze Your Account

  • If you suspect unauthorized activity, request your bank to freeze your account temporarily.
  • This prevents further transactions while the issue is being investigated.

Stay Vigilant, Stay Secure

By staying informed and adopting vigilant practices, you can minimize the risk of falling prey to ATM fraud. Remember to always prioritize your financial security and take prompt action if you suspect any suspicious activity. Together, we can thwart the efforts of fraudsters and ensure a safer banking experience for all.

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