New Grand Mosque in Ayodhya Honors Prophet Muhammad, Set to Become India's Largest
New Grand Mosque in Ayodhya Honors Prophet Muhammad, Set to Become India's Largest

Mumbai, India - After nearly four years since the historic Supreme Court decision, the vision for a new mosque in Ayodhya is beginning to materialize with the unveiling of its final architectural plans.

Officials from the All India Rabta-e-Masajid and the Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation have proudly revealed that the mosque will be named 'Masjid Muhammad Bin Abdullah' in honor of the esteemed Prophet Muhammad and his father, Abdullah. This monumental place of worship will have the remarkable capacity to accommodate up to 9,000 worshippers simultaneously, marking it as the largest mosque in all of India. The foundation stone for this iconic structure is poised to be laid in the near future, although the exact date remains unconfirmed.

A significant milestone was reached during an event held in Mumbai last Thursday when religious leaders from various Islamic sects were presented with the inaugural brick for the mosque. This symbolic gesture signifies the commencement of construction on a five-acre site in Daanipur, situated 25 kilometers from Ayodhya. Notable attendees at the event included Zufar Ahmed Faruqui, Chairman of the UP Sunni Central Waqf Board and Indo-Islamic Cultural Foundation, former Chairman of the Maharashtra Minority Commission and BJP leader Haji Arafat, accomplished architect Imran Shaikh, as well as actors Raza Murad, alongside heads and khadims of numerous dargahs from across the nation. The event was hosted at Mumbai's Rangsharda Hall in Bandra.

The mosque's design reportedly encompasses five magnificent gates, each bearing the names of Prophet Muhammad and the four Caliphs - Hazrat Abu Bakar, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Usman, and Hazrat Ali. Architect Imran Shaikh, during an interaction with the media, passionately encouraged members of the community to step forward and contribute to the construction of this remarkable place of worship. He highlighted that contributions could take the form of monetary donations, labor, or other essential skills.

In an exceptional endeavor to further serve the community, Shaikh disclosed plans for acquiring additional land adjacent to the mosque's site to construct a state-of-the-art cancer hospital and a maternity hospital. The same campus is anticipated to host institutions of higher learning, including colleges of engineering, medicine, and law, open to individuals from all walks of life.

In a landmark decision handed down on November 1, 2019, the Supreme Court granted the disputed 2.77-acre land to the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust. Furthermore, the Court directed the government to allocate an alternative five-acre parcel of land for the mosque's construction, setting the stage for this momentous undertaking.

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