New method adopted in this country to prevent cheating in the examination
New method adopted in this country to prevent cheating in the examination

Algeria has banned the Internet across the country during high school examinations to deal with the cheating problem, which will continue until June 25. According to the BBC's report, both the mobile and fixed line of internet service have been discontinued. To stop copying in any way, the internet will be closed one hour before the start of each high school diploma examination. 

This move was taken in view of the massive cheating cases in 2016. In 2016, the question papers were leaked online before the examination. As a result, the authorities asked Internet service providers to stop social media access in 2017, but it did not make any difference in them cheating. Education Minister, Nooria Bangabritt told the Algerian newspaper 'Annahar' that Facebook will remain closed throughout the country from June 20-25 until the school diploma examinations get over.

The BBC said, apart from this, all electronic devices with internet access in 2,000 examination centres in the country have been banned for both students and school staff. The metal detector has also been arranged at the entrance to the examination centre. Various new ways are being found through which students cheat but the steps are being taken to o0vercpome it.

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