New rules applied for children, know you...?

New rules have been issued by the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, which is supposed to protect the rights of children working in the world of entertainment. Although this draft has been released by the Commission in the year 2011, but now the limits of this draft have been increased even more, now it is going to cover social media and OTT platform as well. In fact, at present, from social media platforms to OTT platforms, a lot of work is being done or even going to be used from small children. Hence their registration is going to be necessary. Reports say that the panel against the violators of the guidelines has been strengthened more than before. It is going to be necessary to get the kids artist or child working in the world of entertainment registered with the district magistrate.

Committee has been made and strengthened: National Commission for Protection of Child Rights Chairperson Priyanka Kanungo has said that children who are being used in videos of OTT platforms and social media, which are not covered under this guidelines. For that the parents of that child will be responsible. Different Acts are also being given to keep the children protected.

Several laws exist within the new guidelines: Juvenile Justice Act, 2015, Child Labor Amendment Act, 2016, Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses X-2012, Information Technology Rules-2021 have been included under this provision.

Reports say that at present, people are busy uploading videos with children on the OTT platform, social media platform. Along with this, he has also kept the rules and guidelines above in order to earn money and get likes. In such a situation, it has a wrong effect on other children, but it is also a violation of the rights of those children somewhere.

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