Now you can also delete your personal information from Google, know how
Now you can also delete your personal information from Google, know how

If you are upset with your personal details appearing on Google, then now you can get rid of this problem. You can also complain to Google and get your personal details deleted. For this, Google has introduced the policy for its users. 

Google's policy head gave the information: Google's head of policy, Michelle Chang, has reported this in detail. "When you search for your name, phone number, email address or home address on Google, many times you get this information easily from there. Many people say that it is not right for private information to exist on public platforms. This increases the risk for privacy even more.

This new feature introduced for users: In view of this, Google has now decided to give its users the option to delete this personal information,  under which you will be able to request Google to delete your photo, e-mail ID or mobile number by complying with it. For this, you may need to email google's helpline e-mail id. 

Users will be able to delete personal information: Google is going to review that request after receiving a request from the user. After which, according to the user's request, his personal details are going to be deleted from the Google platform,  although despite doing so, this information can be available on other online platforms. To delete which you will have to complain to the complaint ID of that platform. Only after that, the information is being removed from there. 

Google to delete the guinness information: Google has made it clear that it is only going to delete information that would make the user prone to any kind of fraud or loss. He will allow the rest of the information to remain intact on his platform. 

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