Find out how to book vaccine slots on WhatsApp?

The vaccination drive against corona is on the upswing in the country. There is good news between all of them now. In fact, now you can book vaccine slots with the help of WhatsApp. Yes, recently, Will Cathcart, Chief Executive Officer, WhatsApp Inc. tweeted on Twitter. In a tweet, it says, "We will work with the Health Ministry and the Government of India to do this vaccine-related work."

Now people can book their vaccine slots through WhatsApp also. You can see @MyGov CEO Abhishek Singh tweeted a detailed overview of the entire process of booking slots through WhatsApp. In this tweet, he said that write book slot and send MyGov corona helpdesk on WhatsApp. Then verify OTP and follow the steps to book the slot. The way it is very simple.

Book vaccine slots on WhatsApp-

* Add MyGov Corona helpdesk 9013151515 to the contact list.
Write 'Book Slot' on this number on WhatsApp.
Enter the 6 digit OTP obtained through SMS.
In WhatsApp chat, choose your date and location, base, PIN code, and vaccine type.
* Get confirmation and visit the vaccination center on the date you get.

Similarly, if you have been vaccinated, you can also download your certificate through this helpline. In fact, WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart says that so far 3 million people have downloaded their certificates through WhatsApp. 58,89,97,805 people have been vaccinated in the country so far. In the last 24 hours, 63,85,298 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered.

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