Nurse claims mother to be corona positive shortly after giving birth to her child
Nurse claims mother to be corona positive shortly after giving birth to her child

Amritsar: After 16 hours of delivery at the civil hospital, the staff of the Ministry of Cowan described a mother as a Covid positive. A woman (24) gave birth to a son at 5 am on Friday in the Gayani ward of Civil Hospital. About 9 hours after the birth of the newborn, the staff nurse of the Ministry of Gypsy came to the woman, she told the woman that she was Covid positive. The husband sitting near the wife asked the staff nurse for the woman's Covid positive report. The nurse said that no report had reached her yet. The doctors have given information about the woman being Covid positive.

The staff nurse told her husband and her mother, who was taking care of Suman, to take the newborn and Suman from here and was admitted to the isolation ward of Gurunanak Dev Hospital. The ambulance reached the hospital to get the newborn and Suman admitted to Guru Nanak Dev Hospital. Hearing this, the woman's husband and mother asked where to go with the newborn baby on a cold night. She is moaning painfully. The hospital management gave the woman and newborn child out of the ward without any argument. The woman kept her newborn with her and the husband and mother sitting outside the ward. Pleaded with the staff present several times but it had no effect on them.

Around 12 o'clock at night, the wife and the mother of the woman came out of the hospital. The newborn was also in the lap. Not a single vehicle was visible on the deserted roads. The woman got tired after walking about 1 km. Auto appeared on the road at one o'clock. With great difficulty, they persuade to go towards the Ramtirtha roadhouse. According to Mahinder, if something happens to his wife and child, then who would be responsible? If his wife was Corona positive then why was the newborn baby's Covid test not done. The truth is that the doctors of the civil hospital treat us as if we are untouchables, to get rid of their responsibilities. Mahinder has demanded tax action on SMO and Dial-104 complaining of this incident.

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