Odd-even phase 2 returns in Delhi,from today
Odd-even phase 2 returns in Delhi,from today

Delhi: Capital begin its Odd-Even Policy from today, this is the second phase of the policy, the Delhi government is pulling out all stops to enforce the rule. Lifting  on the success of this 16 day road rationing plan is the AAP government's zeal to make odd-even a permanent fixture in Delhi.

After first trial period, in which the challan team allotted was 110, but 10 members expanded for this phase. There will also be approx 1,000 more volunteers than the 4,300 put on the ground last time to spread awareness and cajole Delhiites into following the rule.

For this phase, the transport department also hired 400 ex-servicemen.The teams this time around will consist of 180 personnel from the enforcement wing of the transport department, ex-servicemen and volunteers. The enforcement tools will be backed by the prospect of a steep fine of Rs 2,000 for violating the rule.

During the first phase the weather is cool but this time is completely different, ti is work as a spoiler because it is likely to make people, taking own vehicle instead of public transport.

Transport minister Gopal Rai said, "It will be more difficult because of the weather, but we have faith in the people of the city,"

Rai adeed"The city has been divided into 11 zones, consisting of 10 sectors. Each enforcement team will be monitoring a sector from different spots. These teams will be mobile, and will be inspecting different areas each day,"

“The Delhi government has also signed on 5,331 volunteers this time around. These volunteers will be deployed at 205 spots, and will be primarily being for awareness and Gandhigiri,” said Rai.

Delhiites, Rai further  added, "Citizens also need to be proactive. If they see someone violating the rule, they should go over and appeal to the person to think about the future of Delhi and its children."

The transport minister adde, “ 2,000 cops will be on roads from Friday onwards for odd-even phase II”

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