Omicron cases to peak in February: Anthony Fauci

WASHINGTON – Anthony Fauci, top infectious disease expert in the United States, has stated that he is confident that the majority of states will reach a peak in Omicron infection cases by mid-February.

"You never want to be complacent when dealing with this virus," Fauci added in an interview with ABC News on Sunday."Everything appears to be in order. We don't want to be overconfident, but they appear to be headed in the right direction at the moment "'He stated.

Fauci added that in some states in the northeast and upper mid-west, cases have already peaked and then declined "quite precipitously." The  cases reportedly  continue to rise in southern and western states. "There may be some additional pain and suffering associated with hospitalizations in areas of the country that have not been fully vaccinated or have not received booster vaccinations," he cautioned.

The recent Covid-19 outbreak in the United States, fueled by the Omicron variant, has resulted in record-breaking case numbers, hospitalizations, and a critical shortage of healthcare personnel.

As of Sunday afternoon, the country had reported over 70 million Covid-19 cases and nearly 866,000 deaths, according to real-time data from Johns Hopkins University.

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