Kim Jong Un's sister calls president crazy, know the matter
Kim Jong Un's sister calls president crazy, know the matter

On the instigation of North Korea's powerful leader Kim Jong Un, his sister Kim Yo Jong is completely free to do anything and speak against South Korea. She says anything to South Korea's President Moon Jae-un and can take any kind of action. Now Kim's sister Kim Yo-jong calls South Korean President Moon Jae-in crazy. Yo Jong's statement came at a time when the conflict between the two countries has increased significantly. Soldiers have been deployed on the borders and the international community is troubled by these two countries coming face to face.

For your information, let us tell you that dictator Kim Jong Un wants to make his sister Kim Yo Jong his successor, because of this, his sister keeps dropping words against the president of his arch enemy country South Korea. She also threatens and takes action to maintain her intimidation.

Kim's children are still young, they cannot handle the power, in such a situation, Kim is now projecting her sister as an alternative by giving her all kinds of rights. In the last April, when Kim suddenly disappeared for several days, her sister was watching all the things, she was participating in government and private events and was also issuing statements. At the same time, Kim Jong has also taken his sister Kim Yo with him to all international meetings for the last two years. Even when he went to meet President Trump, the sister was standing in the meeting with him. Earlier in the year 2018, when the Winter Olympic Games were held in South Korea, Kim's sister had gone there, it was believed that now the tension between the two countries will completely end but it remained for some time. 

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