Trump can increase India's trouble, may ban visas in coming days
Trump can increase India's trouble, may ban visas in coming days

In the Corona era, US President Donald Trump said he would announce new visa restrictions in the coming days. He said that we will announce visas tomorrow or the next day. He refused to give any details, but admitted that some changes will be made.

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According to media reports, US National Public Radio, President Donald Trump may approve an execution order to suspend other visas, including H1B, L1, in late October. It is needed where they have some people who have been coming for a long time, but very few outcasts and they are very tight and we can be very tight for some time. Tweet by White News correspondent John Roberts, head of Fox News Did that restrictions on H-1B, H-2B, L-1 and J-1 visas would be imposed.

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An election rally by US President Donald Trump in the US state of Oklahoma is in the news. At this rally, Trump trumped the protocol released for the coronavirus. In this rally, he reached the stage without wearing a face mask. No, thousands of people attending the rally did not wear face masks following Trump. On Friday, Trump said in an interview that he would not wear a face mask at the rally. He made it clear that he was not doing such a protest Furthering his point, he said that I am no longer a threat to Corona. Trump had gone to attend a rally in Tulsa in Oklahoma province in 2020 for the US President's election campaign.

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